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Understanding the law

what is it?

From the legal library......


Process: A form of proceeding taken in a court of justice for the purpose of giving compulsory effect to its jurisdiction.

Service: The act of personal delivery or leaving a writ of summons and all other originating processes with an individual, company or entity.

General: Documents whatever their nature & type and served on any person, company or entity for whatever reason, from a Court, a Solicitor or for any Litigious or Legal matter require legal proof of delivery to a person, company or entity. These documents are generally part of a legal or judiciary action and the method of service (delivery) of them is strictly covered by a set of rules laid down by the Court in which the action is being taken or other respective legislation.

These 'methods of service' often start with the simple procedure of sending the 'Process' by mail, but if the recipient fails to acknowledge the contents, receipt or instructions contained in this legal document, then personal service (delivery) is often used as the only option available inorder to provide proof to the Court that the party is in personal receipt of them.

Process Server: An experienced person over the age of sixteen representing a court, lawyer, individual or entity and employed to deliver a process.

Friar Investigations offers a NATION-WIDE and INTERNATIONAL facility for carrying out this type of work

What we can do for you..........................

Choosing a reliable Process Server can often be left to your Legal Advisor who may have a list, but if in doubt a call to us will solve your problem.

+44 (0)115 950 4836
or write to the address at the bottom of this page.

A personal service of all types of Court documents

  Making the law work for you.

65 plus Affidavit fees

of 7.50 if required

plus V.A.T.

is all you pay.

The service is available to legal practices, members of the public, companies, corporate bodies, government departments and Courts. There are no hidden extra charges and we have a network of over 150 operatives in the United Kingdom plus many more overseas to give a comprehensive service.


Over 12 years

of quality

service and


A consistent and reliable service with a fixed charge on 99% of cases.

What could be easier?
If like a lot of our clients,you are always being quoted one charge and then invoiced another with hidden charges, then consider this a thing of the past.
With our service the same charge always applies and the only exception is when the address* is VERY remote or inaccessible, which we will tell you before we start, our service includes at least two visits to the address and a completed service includes notification by telephone followed by a written report.
All you do is post or DX all the work to one address.
*Applies to United Kingdom addresses only, rate may vary for addresses overseas.
*Copies of our clients testimonials on the quality of our service are available on request.


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