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The Economic way to renew old friendships, find loved ones or chase missing debtors

Missing Persons and

Tracing Services

Covering a broad range, this service covers finding long lost relatives, debtors, missing spouses, children or in fact anyone who has disappeared and whom you wish to find or contact, of course, this service is subject to the current laws applicable to Human Rights, Data Protection etc, however we have a proven track record of finding over 70% of the people who we set out to trace.

One specialised field the company provides is in the tracing of missing persons, this range of services are tailored to suit your requirements.


We provide ongoing reports on the development of each case and the information obtained, however, at the outset you may be required to prove the validity or reason for wishing to trace the party after which the case is handled in complete confidentiality.

Information to start our enquiries can be as little as the last known address, surname or general area where they last resided, this together with a 75% deposit of the anticipated fee begins our dedicated teams working throughout the United Kingdom or in some cases overseas to find the subject of your enquiry. Many cases have a result achieved within fourteen days of receipt.

With our high success rate and economic fees, you could be in touch with that special someone quicker than you think!

These are just some of the possible benefits or uses:

[Bullet] Contact with missing friends, relatives or even finding witnesses in legal matters.
[Bullet] Recovery of outstanding business debts, tracing of missing beneficiaries or
[Bullet] Completing long ovedue matters like the service of divorce papers.


Service Description Unit Price
UK Tracing of Debtors

For all other locations apply for quotation

one off charge 170
Tracing of Relatives/Friends

in the United Kingdom

For all other locations apply for quotation

Hourly charge 45
Tracing of Beneficiary/Other

For all other locations apply for quotation

Hourly charge 55

All prices are subject to the addition of Value Added Tax and the current rate (26/06/2002= 17.5%)


[Home][What's New][Products & Services][Contents]

This service is provided under the Standard Terms and Condition of Sale issued by the company and may be seen by clicking on the Services Bar above.

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Last modified: 26 June 2002