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Traffic Accident


1 in every 5 drivers are uninsured!

"The roads are more congested than ever before, parking is a major problem, petrol tax is disproportionately high, my insurance rates increase every year , no one is polite any more..and now this!" said the motorist as he climbed from the pile of twisted metal that used to be his car.

This might have happened in a million places on any one of Britain's roads, standing there waiting for Police and Ambulance, the one thing he probably would not do is to look around for a witness to his car accident and if the other driver drove off without stopping or turned out to be uninsured then he may have a few problems either when filling in the claim form or having to make a claim off his own insurance because they cannot find the other party or their insurers.

We not only act for insurance companies that have these problems passed to them, but also for individual motorists many of which may in some way lose out because they cannot locate the other party or are likely to end up in court as the result of a traffic accident and may require photographs of the scene, maps, layouts and witness statements to prove their case.

Even the basic checking or collection of third party and witness information or addresses can be difficult unless you have our expertise, recent trends indicate that many victims of a road traffic accident are presented with incorrect addresses, telephone numbers or names by the other person just to slow down identify them for a potential claim.

Skidding to a halt!

Another aspect of this type of work is accident scene layouts and photography which is a specialised field and whilst a simple sketch may be good enough for the claim form or your legal representative, it will not suffice for any legal action that might result from the accident or even in a dispute with your insurers or the third party's.

Some key reasons for using this service might be:

Finding important witnesses.
Providing information and evidence.
Proof or corroboration of facts.
Legal representation or Court cases.
Insurance Company requirements.

Oh look what happened to my beautiful car!

We offer a whole range of services which include:
Locating Witnesses
Taking Statements
Photographing the location
Making layouts and plans
Providing expert witnesses
Accident analysis
Investigating spurious claims by third parties or witnesses
Road Traffic

Enquiries & investigations

Unit Prices

(these are subjectto the addition of Value Added Tax at the current UK rate.)

Witness location/tracing

Witness Statements

per subject

per hour



General Investigation per hour 40
Photographs and/or scene mapping per hour or part thereof 55

Services cover a broad range and vary from case to case, the costs indicated above are based on averages, they may vary up or down according to your requirements, quotations can normally be obtained over the phone or by e-mail to suit your specific needs.

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